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Tintas Granite & Flooring Warrants The Following


• Natural stone, quartz, or solid surface permanently installed for residential or commercial use for one year.

• Seam performance for one year.

• This warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the affected countertop piece as determined to be defective by manufacturer’s investigation. No other cost, expenses, materials, labor (other than labor for countertop installation), damages or reimbursements associated with the damaged products are covered under this warranty. Specifically, this warranty does not include plumbing, gas, electrical, tile, wallpaper, backsplash, painted surface or trim cost incurred due to replacement of your countertop.​


Tintas Granite & Flooring Does NOT Warrant The Following

*The following conditions listed below are not considered installation-related

problems and are not covered beyond this limited-installation warranty*

• Countertops moved from their original permanent placement.

• Natural characteristics of stone such as but not limited to: surface pitting, inclusions, fissures, variations in color, thickness, gloss level, texture, depth and clarity.

• Damage due to physical abuse such as but not limited to: excess weight, standing, sitting, walking on (whether accidental or intentional), excess heat, fire or flame.

• Staining due to chemicals such as but not limited to: paint, stain, putty oils or residue oils, acids, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, solvents and alkalis.

• This warranty does not cover any seam failures and/or material fractures due to inadequate support for the installation and/or out of level substructures. This includes overhangs in excess of the recommendations provided by Tintas Granite which are inadequately supported. Tintas Granite will assume full responsibility and our one year warranty will apply only in instances where support brackets have been supplied and installed by our installation teams.

• Seam placement or location, color or appearance of seams, color match from piece to piece, seam separation due to movement, impact, excess weight or settling of building. Caulking is not covered.

• Countertops that have not been paid for in full are not covered by this warranty. Proof of full payment is required for warranty to be effective.

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