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DO - Clean all spills immediately. Leaving spills for a long time, even on sealed material, can stain the material.

DO - Use trivets or hot pads on countertops. While granite, quartz, and soapstone are very heat resistant, sudden large temperature changes are not recommended.

DO - Use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge to clean countertops. Use a PH neutral cleaner. Prolonged use of cleaner, including dish soap, can leave a dull film. This can be removed with a granite cleaner or polish.

DO - Check the back label of products to make sure that it is written “Safe for Granite, Quartzite, Quartz”.

DO - Use placemats under china, ceramics, and silverware (anything that can scratch) when placing them on soft material like travertine and marble.
DO - Place toiletry items in baskets when keeping them on vanity tops to prevent staining.
DO - Use coasters under glasses containing alcohol, soda, or fruit juices on material prone to etching like travertine and marble.
DO - Use wax or mineral oil on soapstone to remove scratches and to darken material.

DO -Seal your granite every year or so. Seal travertine and marble every 3-6 months.

DON'T - Leave spills on countertops for any length of time.
DON'T - Use bathroom cleaner, grout cleaner, tub cleaner, citrus juice, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, harsh chemicals, or any abrasive cleaners on countertops.
DON'T - Sit or stand on countertops.
DON'T - Use knives on soft material like soapstone, travertine, and marble.

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